Topic outline

  • General

    This e-safety course contains colourful interactive games to raise the awareness of e-safety.

    The games are divided into three main sections for Primary, Secondary and adult learners. They can, however be used by a range of people in many different situations.
    • Judge Moody

      Judge Moody
      Read the scenario carefully and decide whether it is a safe or unsafe use of the Internet.

      The more you get right, the more upset the judge becomes. Get them all right and he really blows his stack!

    • Spider Quiz

      Spider Quiz

      Spider Quiz

      Get the answers wrong and the fly gets away. Get the answers right and see what happens to the fly!

    • Duck Hunter

      Duck Hunter

      Shoot the ducks carrying the right answers to find out what is e-safe and what is not.

    • Skills Busters

      Skills Busters

      The only way you will cross from one side to the other is to know how to be e-safe.

    • Shooting Gallery

      Shooting Gallery

      Shoot the right answers in the fun fayre gallery to show that being e-safe is the right target for you.

    • Emails

      Safe or unsafe emails

      Which emails should you open and which ones should you simply delete.

    • The Winning Post

      The Winning Post

      Do you know enough about e-safety to get your horse to the winning post first.